Photo 29 Aug My view from one of the restaurants out in Wilmington, NC. Just stunning. I’m thinking I might film one of my songs out here. I brought my guitar just in case. :)

My view from one of the restaurants out in Wilmington, NC. Just stunning. I’m thinking I might film one of my songs out here. I brought my guitar just in case. :)

Text 5 Feb Ain’t No Stopping Me Now

Tonight I would like to draw upon the immense wisdom of McFadden & Whitehead:

"There’ve been so many things that have held us down but now it looks like things are finally coming around. I know we’ve got a long long way to go. Where we’ll end up, I don’t know. But we won’t let nothing hold us back. We gonna get ourselves together. We gonna polish up our act. If you’ve ever been held down before. I know that you refuse to be held down any more. Don’t you let nothing stand in your way."

There ain’t no stopping me now.

(Please see the link at the bottom of the post to understand the reference)

I wanted to bring you this message tonight in response to the never tiring question I’ve gotten over the past few weeks. As I’ve begun to tell people that I’ve started to pursue music seriously as a career this is the question I continue to get:

Are you REALLY sure this is what you want to do?

First off, I think this is just an awful question. Does ANYONE really know what they want to do? I mean, isn’t that what a mid-life crisis is for? 

And second, I feel like people are expecting me to tell them my future when they ask me this. I’m like, “Well yes, let me get out my crystal ball and tell you how successful I’ll be.” 

NO! Sometimes the universe requires you to take a risk to get what you want and I. WANT. THIS. So maybe it’ll be hard. So maybe it’ll be rough. Sometimes that’s the best part. Who wants to go through life and never overcome anything? 

So to again quote the magnificent wisdom of McFadden & Whitehead: 

"Look, let me tell you this. I know you know someone who’s got a negative vibe. If you only help it, it will only keep it alive. They really don’t have nowhere to go. Ask them where they’re going. They don’t know. But we won’t let nothing hold us back. We’re gonna get ourselves together. We’re gonna polish up our act. If you’ve ever been held down before, I know that you refuse to be held down anymore"

So while I can appreciate the concern and worry, you just got to know…

There ain’t no stopping me now. 

(Please, please, please, PLEASE check out this link It’ll make your day 10 times better. Promise.)

Text 22 Jan Oh No - Installment #2

Sooo here’s everything you’ve been waiting for and more, a preview of my new song “Oh No” for you guys! Here’s the link here:

Wow! Right? I know! Now I realize you might be thinking “Roxie, this song makes me feel really, really sad.”  Well, yes, it is a sad song so if you’re feeling a little bit unhappy that was the effect I was going for. So job well done to you. You got the message. Cue to mental image of me giving you a thumbs up.

"What?! Are you telling me to go and commit suicide the next time a man (or woman) rejects me?" NonononononononoNO!! Please don’t. Suicide is never the answer. When I wrote this song, I thought more of the events in a past tense. They had already fallen in love. The sailor had already left her. She had already spent years depressed trying to get over him. She had already went to the coast and killed herself. My part in this story is as a viewer that can only express how sad this all is. The part at the end where the lyrics are "Come find her now! Come save her now! She’s at the bottom of his heart drowning" is my call to listeners to rescue her or anyone like her. If at all you feel like she does in this song, please reach out to someone, be it someone close to you, a stranger, or a hotline.

Now I meant to have the recorded version ready for you this week buuuut, I wanted to add a few things to the song. I just feel it’s missing something. I’m actually headed over to my good friend Jesi’s house to work on a possible cello part to this song. I’ll keep you posted!

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Text 15 Jan Roxie Can Sing - Installment #1

I’ve finally put up a page on facebook for me as a musician and I feel as people are liking the page they’re going in their heads “Okay, facebook be tripping because I know Roxie and she doesn’t sing?” Well, to set the record straight, I do.

You see, I haven’t made too much of a point to make it very public that I can sing. Honestly, up until a couple years ago I didn’t think I was very good at it.

It wasn’t until I moved into an apartment with roommates and I was messing around on my guitar and one of my roommates forced me to play for her while she ate dinner.

It wasn’t until I was messing with a friends guitar at a party and while everyone else was talking I was able to stop them all mid-conversation with my voice.

It wasn’t until I played at a talent show and had a gorgeous man stop me afterward and gush about how wonderful I am.

And you know, there were a lot of moments like this that kept piling one after the other after the other and finally in my head I’m going, “You know, maybe I am good at this” Fast forward a couple months and some definite work and guys, I’m finally ready to say it.

Ladies and gentleman…

Roxie can sing!!!

Now there is a lot of stuff I’m working on right now that I’m not going to cover in this post, just because I don’t want to make any of my posts too long. (I hate reading long emails so I figured nobody else does either) But I can tell you that I have written a new song I’m going to be posting soon. I am collaborating with someone else to do a song. I’ve been accepted to The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. And I perform regurlarly at open mic nights. So there’s a lot going on that I’ll be keeping you posted on.

I just want to take a quick second to thank all of the people supporting me. You have no idea how much it means to me. I know I’m not much of anything in the music world yet but I know I will be soon and it’s going to be because of people like you.

Also if you haven’t liked my page on facebook, do that now.

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Much love to everyone!

Until next time…

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